Things to Pack First While Moving

Moving to the new place can be seen as a new beginning because you are going to be readjusted in an environment which was not known to you before moving. It can lead to an emotional spike which you will need to endure because you are essentially leaving behind everything you had become pretty fond of. But this emotional disturbance is not everything which you should be concerned about. You will need to make sure that you have made all necessary preparations in order to make your move successful.

When it comes to preparations for moving, one of the most laborious tasks you will need to deal with is the packing. Packing is itself pretty difficult, but it can turn out to be disastrous when you do it without proper planning and organizing. Planning and organizing may take some extra time but it is going to make packing and unpacking pretty easier. Having that said, you will have to figure out what needs to be packed first. To figure that out, you will need to look at different areas of your home and the types of items which you are going to pack.

Items in storage areas

Most of the items which you store in the hidden areas such as attic, garage and basements are the ones which you rarely use in your daily life. As a matter of fact, most of those items are half forgotten. It is highly unlikely that you are going to use those items in the future.

Having that said, you will need to make some smart decisions before packing such items. You can gather items from those areas and start putting them in different categories which we are going to mention down below.

Items to be discarded: These are the worn out or broken items which are of no use for you and other people. Therefore, you would be better off without these items. It should not be very difficult for you to figure out what items need to be discarded.

Items to be sold or donated: There may be a lot of items which may be in working condition but you might not want to use them due to any reason. So, you can consider arranging a yard or garage sale, or you can simply donate those items.

Items to be packed: Finally, you should be left with the items which you can pack and move with you to the next home. These are the items which you are going to use in the next home.

What to pack first

When it comes to prioritizing packing, you will need to pack non-essential items first. Boxes which are packed first go deep into the pile. At your new home, you would want to get access to the essential items first. So make sure that boxes with those essential items are on the top of the pile.

Moving can be stressful. You can make this process easier with the help of proper planning and organizing, especially while packing your items.


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